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Editorial: Impact of Pandemic on Medical Education. 
Manisha kapdi 

Original Articles 

Frequency of ABO Blood groups in patients with Diabetes. 
Ranjita V. Gaur,  Savitri Chauhan,  Rohit Zariwala,  Dimple Patel 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23102

Comparative Study of Clinical Outcome of Laparoscopic Total Extraperitoneal Repair Vs Lichtenstein Repair in 50 Cases of Inguinal  Hernia
Pratik H. Vyas, Kirit D. Parmar,  Dhaval G. Patel,  Ankit Bansal,  Anees S. Puthawala
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23103

To Study the Correlation Between Preoperative Inferior Vena Cava  Diameter and Intraoperative Hypotension During Spinal Anaesthesia in  Caesarean Section. 
Pankti A. Panchal,  Pancham H. Mehta,  Kamla H. Mehta 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23104

Menopause and Haematological Changes: a case control study. 
Mina D Varlekar,  Shilpa Menat,  Bharat K Pateliya, Bhupendra D Varlekar, Mukesh  S Suvera 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23105

Use of locoregional Perforator Flaps for reconstruction of lower limb defects: Our experience.  
Nilesh B. Ghelani,  Sankit D. Shah,  Darshil K. Rajgor,  Hardik Ponkiya,  Chandni Joshi 
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23106

Comparative Study of Pneumonia Severity Index (psi) & Curb-65 Score in  Assessing Severity of Community Acquired Pneumonia.  
Vijay Patel,  Sanket Makwana 

Prevalence of Mental Illness in School Going Adolescents. Dr Donali Patel, Dr Vihar Shah,  Janardan Bhatt 

Effect of Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens Materials on Tear Film Stability  and Central Corneal Radius of Curvature: A Comparative Study of  Balafilcon a and Lotrafilcon B. 
Usman Memon,  Manthan Patel  

Original Research Retinoblastoma and Study of Its Poor Prognostic  Factors. 
Aashka Sapan Shah, Dr Sapan Snehal Shah,  Dipal Patel,  Pooja Yadav, Dr Hetvee Alpeshbhai  Gandhi,  Kinjal Agarwal 

Comparison of Dexmedetomidine or clonidine as adjuvant to Preemptive Thoracic Epidural  Ropivacaine analgesia with propofol based TIVA in fast-track thoracic anaesthesia for open thoracic  surgeries.
Manisha S. Kapdi, Shivangi Patel
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23111

Computed Tomography Evaluation of Patients With Traumatic Head Injuries.
Dipti A. Shah,  Aakash Thakkar

Clinical Profile and Commodities in Obese Patient.
Kaushika Chaudhary,  Sangeeta Rathod,  Vikas Nayi,  Archita Patel

A Study of Spectrum of Findings of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Ankle  Joint Pathologies.
Ravina S. Chavda,  Dipti A. Shah

A Cross Sectional Study of Secondary Syphilis in A Tertiary Care Hospital.
Vaishali Makwana,  Arti Patel,  A. P. Vyas,  J. N. Dave

A comparison of dexmedetomidine versus midazolam – Fentanyl for sedoanalgesia and stable  hemodynamic parameters, during colonoscopy under Monitored Anesthesia Care. (MAC)
Shweta Patel,  Manisha kapdi

A study of tracheostomy in the paediatric age group.
Nipa Dalal,  Shreya Desai,  Urvish Shah,  Madhavi Raibagkar,  Kosha Gosalia,  Jay  Kothari

Comparison of Fentanyl and Clonidine in Attenuation of Haemodynamic  Response to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation
Vishva Darshanbhai Shah,  Jyotsana Sirohi,  Gargi Mayur Bhavsar,  Devanshi Jiteshbhai  Shah

Laryngoscopy in Neonates and Infants presenting with stridor in tertiary care Hospital.  Nipa Dalal,  Shreya Desai,  Shweta Mittal

Study of role of autologous versus homologous cartilage ossicular reconstruction. 
Alpesh V. Patel,  Payal R. Vadher,  Palak A. Patel,  Vaishali N. Asodiya

Cytological Evaluation of Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Metastatic Disease.
Swati Parikh,  Jigar Suthar,  Biren Parikh,  Dipti Panat, Swati Panchal
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23121

Efficacy of Macular Photocoagulation When Given in the Early or Late  Period After Single Intravitreal Bevacizumab Injection in Terms of  Central Foveal Thickness Change and Visual Acuity Gain.
Aaska Sapan Shah,  Naimish Haribhai Mahaliya,  Sapan Snehalbhai shah,  Jigar Jitendrabhai Joshi
doi: 10.48165/ijabms.2021.23122

A Comparative study of external dacryocystorhinostomy versus endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy  Sapan Shah,  Aashka S. Shah,  Shivani H. Patel,  Nisarga S. Rane

Result of Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Post Traumatic Endophthalmitis.
Anuja Bhatt,  Aashka Shah,  Sapan Shah, Dr Rutuja Brahmbhatt

Comparison Among Intrathecal Fentanyl and Butorphanol as an  Adjuvant to Hyperbaric Bupivacaine for Lower Limb Orthopaedic  Procedures.
Harshilkumar Kamleshkumar Chavda,  Jyotsana Sirohi,  Srushti Rakeshbhai Shah,  Gargi  M Bhavsar

MDCT Evaluation of Right Iliac Fossa Pathologies With Special Emphasis  on Lymph Nodal Characteristics
Jeel Lathiya,  Dipti A. Shah

Depression, Hopelessness and Risk of Suicide in patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Cross Sectional  Study.
Krishna Dave,  Vidhi Jesalpura,  Harshil Chauhan,  Prutha Desai,  Alpesh J Gediya,   Dharmesh V Patel,  Hitendra A Gandhi.

Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn Due to Anti-c Isoimmunization: A Case Report.
L. Aravinth,  M D Gajjar,  Tarak Patel,  Nidhi Bhatnagar,  Sangita Shah,  Sujata  Tripathi

Electro convulsive therapy: knowledge and attitude among medical students.
Vidhi R Jesalpura,  Krishna K Dave,  Harshil Y Chauhan,  Prutha B Desai,  Alpesh J  Gediya,  Dharmesh V Patel,  Hitendra A Gandhi

A Rare Case Report: Supernumerary Testis.
Parth R Prajapati,  Naman K Patel.

Microvascular Complications of Diabetes Mellitus
Arti R Goel,  Jyoti Vora

Mission Statement

The aim of journal is focused on integration of Applied -Basic medical sciences i.e. subjects which are taught in medical and paramedical colleges by preclinical and clinical teachers. It is a FORUM for scientific communication among teachers of applied basic medical various of medical colleges of India.

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Philosophy and Vision

The journal is very good platform for integration of various medical subjects both horizontally and vertically as always emphasized by Medical council of India. This platform opens a scope for expanding horizon of integrated researches and
research in medical education per se.

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Company Goals

The Publisher and editorial and advisory members of INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIEDBASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES allow readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link …

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